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Safyr Capital leverages deal flow, relationships, and expertise to deliver sophisticated, unbiased real estate capital markets services, from strategic advisory to capital raising and restructuring. We also invest alongside our Clients in Real Estate dealsthat are aligned with our real estate investment policy.

Strategic insight

Get bespoke, flexible capital strategies based on our holistic market insight.


Higher value

Unlock advantages only available through our unique approach

Access proprietary market

information from our extensive deal flow and relationships.


Be assured of success by our record of executing large, complex transactions.

Our real estate investment banking solution

We provide proprietary insights on best-in-market strategies that seamlessly facilitate both asset and portfolio strategy. We develop and test varying capital strategies to help you understand each strategy’s impact on your portfolio. And once a path is selected, we guide you through the execution of the capital strategy, maximizing portfolio performance while mitigating potential risks.