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Asset Management- Investment Banking
Muhammad Rawat

Muhammad has over 20 years’ experience across the financial services industry, having held senior positions such as Senior Vice President, Chief Investment Officer, Finance and Investment Director in the fields of investment management, corporate finance, insurance, pension and actuarial.

He has completed his degree at London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) and holds actuarial qualifications from the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (UK).


During the course of his career, Muhammad has worked on several assignments in various capacities; this allows him to tackle mandates using a holistic approach and thus ensures even the smallest details are taken into consideration. He has assisted several clients on investing their assets, devising strategies, building/reviewing business plans, enhancing operational efficiency, raising finance (debt and equity). He has managed assets of over USD 1bn and has concluded deals worth around USD 500m.

Group Finance- Investment Banking and Treasury
Anouska Hosanee

Anouska comes from a strong finance background having been in the financial services sector for more than 15 years.

Anouska specializes also in treasury management, where she heads a sister company of Safyr Capital, responsible for servicing primarily institutional clients. Anouska’s responsibilities lies in overseeing group accounts and Safyr Capital’s proprietary investment positions.

Corporate Finance- Investment Banking
Lutchmee (Krishnee Naidoo) Calleemallay

Lutchmee is a competent and committed Finance professional with more than 5 years in the financial services industry with a proven track record of implementing financial projects through to its execution.

Lutchmee’s expertise lies predominantly within the investment banking sector with a main focus on Corporate Finance coupled with knowledge on company structuring, research, financial analysis, Financial Modelling, development of business plans, capital raising and listing of companies on the stock Exchange of Mauritius. Lutchmee has been driving within the corporate finance team several capital raising exercises that Safyr Capital led across sectors such as agriculture and health care.   Lutchmee holds a Bachelor of Laws and Banking and Finance as well as a Masters in International Trade Law and Finance.

Compliance -Investment Banking
Nitish Ramasawmy

Nitish has nearly a decade of experience in the financial services sector in Mauritius having been lead compliance across companies involved mainly within fiduciary services servicing clients across the African continent.

Nitish has extensive training in Anti-Money Laundering and Risk framework and current oversees the compliance and risk framework of Safyr Capital.

Group Human Resources
Rosie Chingamalun

Rosie is an experienced practical and outcome oriented human resources specialist with a proven track record in delivering a diverse range of human resources functions that support management and staff in achieving organizational goals.

She has more than twenty-five years of experience in Human Resource Management and holds a degree (ABE UK). In addition to her continuous improvement, she has also participated in several seminars and leadership courses.  She is proficient at managing existing day to day processes in dynamic high-pressure environment. 

Rosie is passionate about managing people, performing administrative management, has the ability to multi task and effectively manage staff Relationships for organizations to achieve competitive advantage and sustainable growth. She has mastered the core competencies of Human Resource Management such as Record Keeping, Recruitment and Selection, Payroll and benefits, Employee Relations, Employee Performance, Talent Management. Above all she is a continuous learner with strong work ethics with a cultured mind.